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1. What is?

1.1. What does Movibeta do?
1.2. Why should I choose Movibeta?

1.1. What does Movibeta do?

Movibeta is a film submission and distribution system through internet.

1.2. Why should I choose Movibeta?

Movibeta advantages for festivals and directors:

Festival´s advantages:

Good service and direct contact.
Higher visibility and media campaign for the festival.
Free service for the film festival as long as the directors are paying. The film festival may pay for the service and will be free for the director in this case.
7 languages availeble.
We adjust to film festival requirements.
Film information can be adjust to each film festival, and can be downloaded from the film festival.
Editable subtitles and excellent Film quality.
Comunication tool with users.
Easy used to mark the ones that you already watched, need to review, dismish.
You can ask for copies of digital projections without a data limit although limitations due to the director´s internet connection still apply. There are no additional costs.

Advantages for the director:

  Service and follow-up:

You can see the festivals that have already evaluated your film.
Responses from info@movibeta.com are fast and helpful.
We facilitate communication between directors and the festivals we work with.
Fill in your film information only once. The number of film festival that do not requiere additional film information keep increasing.


Each submission is valid for one film festival. You may submit as many films as you have that meet the festival requirements.
Short and feature cost the same.
Your packages do not expire.
You can send your HD quality copy for screening through Movibeta without any further payment.