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Porto Femme International Film Festival

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Ficción Documental Animación Experimental Cualquier temática Obras Posteriores a 2019-01-01 Duración menor a 01:59:59
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Porto Femme is a women’s film festival. A place of exhibition and dissemination of multiple and diverse universes that puts people who identify as women in the center.

The Festival intends to create a space of visibility for women of and in the cinematographic world. The event aims to be a point of sharing, debate and creation for all those who love the cinema.

One of the festival’s goals is to give visibility to the work of women filmmakers around the world, intending to have a diversified program with competitive cinema sessions, thematic screenings, debates, art exhibitions, among others.

The festival has two distinct International Competitions: one for works by women in various cinematographic genres, and the other for works directed open to all, in which at least one woman plays a key role as scriptwriter, producer, animator or leading actress. Being cinema a collaborative and multi-authorial art, it is intended to be an inclusive festival and give visibility to all those who participate in these works.

Giving visibility to Portuguese filmmakers is another goal of the festival. The National Competition intends to be a showcase for the exhibition of the national production made in the feminine, as well as to encourage the production of new works by women.

Since the second edition, there is the Students Competition, which will continue to be part of this festival in order to encourage new artists in training. Since our forth edition, we open the Thematic Competition, which will each year launch a call for films dealing with specifis themes.

The fifth edition of Porto Femme - International Film Festival will take place from September 12th to 17th 2022.