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APOX Documentary film festival

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Documental Cualquier temática Obras Posteriores a 2020-01-01 Duración menor a 02:30:59
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The APOX film festival brings together international independent documentaries from around the world. All entries are promoted through our social media and website with a dedicated page with synopsis, film stills, and trailer.
For this purpose, we recommend that projects must be fully entered on FilmFreeway, including film stills, production pictures, downloadable posters, and trailers or teasers.

All projects officially selected in each season receive the Independent APOX Awards laurel and certificate.

The 2020 selection included over 200 films, of which 65 films were shown, from over 25 countries around the world. The goal is to promote independent film directors and to stimulate interest in their work. Also, the goal of the festival is to promote young film directors and film works, and accordingly, in 2021 we plan to have a young/student film program during the APOX film festival, which will take into account the works of young directors under 22 and give them the opportunity to realize their dreams through our workshops. and may in the future be part of a new generation to be screened at the festival main program. The orientation is on the promotion of the culture of the island of Losinj, the promotion and the opportunities that the island offers, an oasis of peace for big dreams on the small island of the Adriatic. We are here to enable you to show yourself, to show your films to the world, and to promote you, young and old independent directors, screenwriters, producers. Why sign up and be a part of this story, because nowhere is it like in Losinj. By connecting with other festivals across Europe, we create an interesting cohesion of documentary film and share with each other the works that won awards at the festivals, and thus further promote and move borders, interstate and ensure greater and better representation.2021 concept is to promote young directors movies in the morning show, and top documentary movies in the evening show. We will present movies in a 7 day period, and we hope to have at least 80 movies. 2021 we will have 2 positions, 2 cinemas. And for 2021 we have prepared 4 prices, one for the best movie director of feature documentary movie od 1000,-EUR, best debut movie with the reward price of 700,-EUR, for best young director movie in the program Young director APOX fest will get a scholarship to up 2000,-EUR for a new film project or for schooling, and the best short documentary movie of 500,-EUR.
During the premiere and opening of the festival will be opened in cinema Mali Lošinj, the red carpet for VIP guests of the festival will be planned, and before the first film by the mayor and representatives of the Association will be presented the program of the Festival and all Logged on to the festival itself. All participants, viewers, and representatives will receive a specially designed festival program with a movie schedule and a short description of each film individually. For the purpose of the better presentation of the festival, a final concert will be organized at the end of the festival and the award ceremony on the stage in Veli Lošinj. It is also aimed at giving young directors an option to experience the thrill of making a film through film workshops and that the film's parents, as well as viewers, have the opportunity to see on the big canvas.
Possibilities of culture and familiarity with the cultural and historical heritage of the island of Lošinj. APOX film festival Will during film festival presentations and put the selected movies on the filmocracy.com website so the people can vote for the movies.

The Festival main competition program is presented in 4 categories:

Next to the competition programs Festival is also presenting side film programs, along with Industry, a unique training and networking platform which hosts an educational and practical program with numerous masterclasses, pitching sessions, workshops, panel discussions, and round tables held by some of most respectful names in the film industry.