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HOMMAGE shines a light on low-budget indie films

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Ficción Documental Animación Experimental Cine negro Comedia DDHH Dirigido por Mujer Discapacidad/ Enfermedad Drama Emigración/Inmigración Infantil / juvenil LGBT Obra de estudiantes (escuela o universidad) Tema Social Terror Thriller / suspense Ópera Prima Obras Posteriores a 2010-01-01 Duración menor a 02:00:00
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*What is Hommage?

Hommage is a streaming platform that promotes & screens low-budget movies.

*Can I submit my film if it's already played in film festivals and/or available online?

Yes! We don’t require premiere status. However, if we will be the first to screen your film, please let us know so we can give it special attention on our socials.

*What type of films do you select & screen?

- Many types - animations, documentaries, experimental & narrative films. The best way to get a sense of our taste is to look at our film catalogue.
- We prefer films that are character-driven or very heavy in atmosphere & mood. Plot-driven or typical genre films that don’t subvert tropes in interesting ways have a less chance of being selected.
- We expect high-quality sound recording & mixing.

*How does Hommage publicize its films & filmmakers?

- We post about every film on Instagram. Selected films that aren’t available online will be uploaded on our Vimeo channel.
- All selected filmmakers are interviewed about their work.
- At no extra cost, we will organise digital magazines to promote our streaming platform & films. This allows certain selected filmmakers to discuss their movies in more depth.
- Again at no extra cost, we prepare one annual or biennial follow-up interview with all selected filmmakers to promote their upcoming projects.

Rather than just having a one-off interaction, we aspire to develop lasting relationships with our selected filmmakers through offering multiple promotions over a long period of time.

*Is my film guaranteed to be selected when I pay the fee?

No - we are a curated platform that values selection integrity. We don’t want to be like a lot of fraudulent festivals that accept a very high number of movies to please filmmakers in a disingenuous way.

*Do you accept films from all over the world?

Yes! If your film is not in English, it must have English subtitles.

*Can I submit my film if it had a budget?

We focus on films made below $80,000 AUD. We will consider a bigger budget film if it didn’t receive a large amount of industry funding. If you’re unsure, get in touch with us.

*When do films screen on your platform?

We prefer to screen your film shortly after it has been selected.

*When do I find out?

Within 1 month of your film submission date.

*Do you have any discounts, awards & prizes?

- You will be able to access ‘Early Bird’ discounts during the first month of our submission period.

- Selected filmmakers who participate in our follow-up interviews receive a discount on their next submission.

- Certain high-quality films will be awarded with 3-month MUBI subscriptions. Please note the decision to award films is completely at our discretion & will vary in number from month-to-month.

*I received an invitation to submit my film, how did you hear about it?

Through searching local & international film festivals, listening to recommendations from respected artists, & generally scouring the internet for interesting trailers!