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ImagineIndia International Film Festival

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Ficción Documental Cualquier temática Obras Posteriores a 2016-01-01 Duración menor a 03:59:59
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Artícle 2 PURPOSE

The Festival ImagineIndia is mainly devoted to promote friendship and cooperation between Indian Subcontinent, rest of Asia and Spain and along with it the European Union.
It’s aim is to showcase and focus attention on films coming mainly from India, but with some concessions to the other countries of the Indian Subcontinent and rest of Asia, in order to contribute to the better comprehension of Indian Culture, and to the development of more fluid relations among the Indian Subcontinent and Europe.

The Selection Committee of the Festival is entitled to select and invite the films which will be presented in the Official Section or Out of Competition Section.
The films which meet the following conditions will be selected by invitation for the Festival,s Competitive section.

Films that have been produced during the 24 months preceding the Festival.
All sections are open to international submissions. Any producer and / or director with the rights to the film submitted may participate in this section.

4. 2. Each filmmaker or producer may submit as many films as he / she wishes.