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Cinema Povero

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Ficción Documental Animación Experimental Aventuras/ Deporte Ciencia Ficción Comedia Cortometraje de Estudiantes (de Escuela o Universidad) DDHH Dirigido por Mujer Discapacidad/ Enfermedad Drama Emigración/Inmigración Fantástico Gastronomía-vino LGBT Medioambiental Tema Social Western Ópera Prima Obras Posteriores a 2018-01-01 Duración menor a 00:15:00
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September 18, 2021


1 - Initial Statement
The "International Cinema Povero Film Festival" is open to everybody: rich
filmmakers, poor filmmakers, all welcome provided they have developed a
beautiful, original idea on a limited budget.

2 - Application
Applicant wishing to participate, shell alternatively:

(a) - send an e-mail to the address:
containing the following:
- a VIMEO link to their cinematographic opera;
- the Entry Form hereafter attached
- the Rights Clearance Document hereafter attached

(b) - apply to one of the following international platforms:

which can be accessed by the web site:

MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS: Any film must be downloadable

3 - Sections:
Submitted film will be divided in five sections:
- ITALIAN SHORT FILMS - maximum duration 15 minutes including
- NON-ITALIAN SHORT FILMS - maximum duration 15 minutes
including titles
- ITALIAN FILM exceeding 15 minutes
- NON ITALIAN FILM exceeding 15 minutes.

Mandatory requirement:
ALL FILMS must have been completed after Juanary 1st, 2018.
DEAD LINE for submission - August 15, 2021.
If the dialogue is in a language different then Italian:
No restrictions to any opera winner or participant to other Film Festivals
except for those that already applied to previous "Cinema Povero" editions.

4 - Registration Fee:
For this edition only, due to the current economic difficulties related to
Pandemic situation (Covid 19), the admission fee is reduced to - € 10.00 (ten)
or U.S.$ 11.00 (eleven) to be credited alternatively by:
a) - PAYPLAL: festivaldelcinemapovero@gmail.com
b) - Bank Transfer to the IBAN:
IT73I0311150340000000002774 - BIC: BLOPIT22 - UBI BANCA
and after February,22 only at IBAN
IT18R0538750340000042361050 - BIC: BPMOIT22XXX - BPER

5 - Registration fee refund:
The registration fee is non-refundable for any reason, even in the case where
the author gives up the contest.

6 - Registration fee inclusion:
The registration fee includes the membership of the "Associazione Culturale
Cinema Povero" for the 2021 calendar year.

7 - Awards:
Best Italian short film................ € 1000.00 + Sculpture "The Nasso"
Best non-Italian short film........ € 1000.00 + Diploma
Best Documentary...................... € 500.00 + Diploma

Juan Enrique Bécquer Award:
Best Italian film exceeding 15 minutes ........ € 500.00 + Plaque
Best non-Italia film exceeding 15 minutes .... € 500.00 + Plaque

People's Choice Award (sponsor "Chicco d'Oro") € 500.00 + Diploma
"City of Ispra" Award.........................................€ 500.00 + Plaque
Popular Jury UNI3 Award (University of 3 ages) € 200.00 + Diploma

Other Awards and special mentions will be possible for: best actress, best
actor, best photography best soundtrack, best screenplay, best location, best
idea, etc.

8 - Official Selection:
The authors admitted to the Official Selection List will be notified by email to the
address indicated on the registration form, within August, the 31st.
The authors not admitted to the Official Selection List will not be notified.
The finalists must send the signed registration form and Rights Clearance
Document to the Festival Management. Without these documents, the film
cannot be screened.

The program of the final phase, including the list of film that will be screened
will be published on these Facebook pages of the festival:
and on the website of the Cultural Association "cinema Povero" below

9 - Additional material submission:
For anything not foreseen, for sending material illustrating the work, for
requests not specified in this regulation, the competitor may refer to the
following address:
Associazione Culturale "Cinema Povero"
Via Acqua Negra, 32
21027 - ISPRA (VA) - Italy
e mail: festivaldelcinemapovero@gmail.com

10 - Court Notes:
- The organization of the Festival reserves the right to make changes to the
actual competition notice.
- According to Italian Law "Legge sulla Privacy 196/2003" and of the new
European regulation 679/2016, we inform that personal data relating to the
participants, will be used solely for the purpose of the competition and will
remain in the Festival's data base.
- The Festival organizers disclaim any liability in case of lack of or incorrect
receipt of the registration documents caused by the transmission, by any
means, to the address of the Festival and for any reason.
11 - Force Majeure:
At the discretion of the organizers, in case of extreme necessity or any other
valid reason, the event may be suspended or canceled.
12 - Author's Responsabilities:
RIGHTS of the presented work, by signing the present regulation:
DECLARES to have read and understood and then to accept in full, all of its
RESPONDS personally to the content of the artwork;
DECLARES to have transferred all copyrights from third parties as expressed
by Italian law 633/1941 and subsequent amendments;
DECLARES under Art. 10 Law 675/96, art. 13, D.Lgs 196/03 and of the new
European regulation 679/2016, to be informed about the purposes and
methods of treatment of the data indicated on the registration form and gives
its consent to their processing even through it tools.
GRANTS explicit permission at the "Festival Internazionale del Cinema
Povero" the free dissemination - without compensation - through public
screening of the artwork.

Read, confirmed and signed,

full and legible signature ____________________

Place and date_____________________________